Obtaining Guidance In Trouble-free Construction Loan Methods

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Wes Watt, spokesman for the Department of Highways Bowling Green office, said the new bridge will replace one built in the 1960s. The new bridge is being built beside the old one, which drivers can still use, he said. Motorists in that area wont have to worry about delays, he said. The speed limit in the area has been lowered to 35 for the safety of the construction workers, Watt said. We just ask people to slow down and be alert, he said. The new bridge, at 46 feet wide, will be significantly wider than the old one and will include 5-foot shoulders and three lanes, with the middle lane feeding into a turn lane at Roger Porter Road, Watt said. The community that uses it will notice that it will be different, much safer and more efficient, he said. The population in the area has vastly increased, so a wider Cemetery Road with more lanes and better sight lines is necessary.